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Hmm... The bacon was kinda odd, so my sandwich wasn't so nice, and I didn't actually finish it.... Shame, since the first few bites were lovely - it's a great meal. Unfortunately, after about half of it, it was utterly minging. Oh well...


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Did you check the bacons expiration date? If sometimes gets me. But then, when the bacon is kind of green it's a bit of a give-away.

I hope it won't affect your digestive system in the 'morn.

Bacon can glow green and still be perfectly edible - it's non-harmful bacteria....

And I didn't check the date, I only bought it today, so I didn't think to. Silly of me really...

You won't be saying that when you're speaking to Huey on the porclain telephone later this evening. ;-)

Yes, but on that very same day we bought them french things that I don't know how to spell from the same shop and they were over a month past the date...

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