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Nice Afternoon
Spent some time watching a bit of TV, talking to a few people online, but soon got a bit bored of that (as you do).... Since I woke up late, I had my breakfast at about 3:30pm, which wasn't really optimal or anything... So evidently I couldn't eat with the rest of my family (who will be having supper shortly), so I'll have to prepare my own food (hooray!). I have decided that the best course of action is to give it a few hours, and then make myself an Ultimate Sandwich. Yummy.

But - shock horror - no marmite! Well, not enough for the sandwich, which needs a lot of marmite in it, among many other ingredients. So I convinced my mother to take a walk with me to the shops to get some food, which was nice - the weather is glorious, there's a light wind, and it's sunny and warm.... Completely lovely. What's more, I'm in love, which makes it all even better. Heh, I can't even remember the last time I walked along in the sunshine without a care in the world, completely in love with somebody.... Well, actually, I can - August 11th 1999, but even then, it wasn't Jen, so it wasn't nearly so good. I felt like skipping :o)

Ah, beautiful weather, I have made a point of ensuring that all windows and doors are open to allow the beauty to seep into my house (and specifically my study).... It's days like this when I could just grab a rug, and spread it on the grass in the back yard and lie there for hours. Alternatively, just grab a chair, recline it right back, and just lie on that in the back garden just tanning myself (if the sun were a bit warmer).... Real summer weather here :o)

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*sound of someone being violently ill* ;-)

Your jealousy is so transparent ;o)

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