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Slow Weekend
Weekends are always boring. Hell, so are weekdays in my life, but weekends moreso for some reason.... Nothing seems to go on... Oh well :o)

Poll time - please participate, it does matter to me. It's time for a new userpic - what should my new userpic actually be, though? Answer here (tick as many as you want, within reason), and add any relevant comments you want:

Poll #407 Userpic for UnknownJ?

I like:


Any Comments?

That is all, for now....

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As said in ICQ: You look like a white Will Smith.

I completely refute this.

Ig by 'refute' you mean 'agree', then I am glad you do.

If by "agree" you mean "disagree", then yes.

If by "yes" you mean "no", then yes. I mean no. Argh.

whos your optician? Do you have an optician? If not please go get one :oP

It was in reference to his ears.

(Deleted comment)
You can see which have the most votes, but not who voted for what, right?

my one is winning. you know did anyone ever tell you you look like a white will smith?

Why must you all taunt me like this?

awwwwww.....we love you really

No you don't, you're all mean and cruel to me...


poor james.........on a lighter note my picture is still winning. i love the taste of success.

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