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Short People
We had an infestation a short while ago.... And by that, I mean Becca popped over for a couple of hours (well, it felt like that anyway)... We chatted, she spoke to Dan on MSN, and stuff. It has been duly noted now that I have large muscles (she'd better not have been being sarcastic).... I tell people about my freakish strength, and they still fail to believe me.... The afternoon ended with her saying her goodbyes to people, and then me casually lifting her and carrying her to the door. Fun.... She's a lot lighter than the last person I carried about....

Anyhow, right now, the football is on - Wycombe Wanderers vs Liverpool. And since Wycombe is the small town just down the road from me, I'm supporting them. The winner plays Arsenal (my actual team) in the FA Cup Final.... Liverpool are in the top division, Wycombe are in the third one down, yet they're both in the Semi-Finals. And at half time, the score is 0-0. So I'm off into the other room to watch that now - looks to be a bloody great match - Go Wycombe!!


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