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Much better
'twas just a minor thing... I didn't eat anything yesterday, until dinnertime, when I had a pizza, and a load of cereal, and basically ate a lot. That didn't help my stomach any... And then at the pub, doing nothing but drinking coke and chewing gum... Frankly, that was just very bad for me. Hence why I had chest pains and an inability to breathe or swallow for eight hours.... Lying down helped a bit, but it was still uncomfortable...

Anyhow, so what have I done... Let's work backwards, because that's always fun... Well, I just ate a small lunch, and spoke to Kat and Dave for a bit (all good fun).... Before that, I was sleeping, mostly... Didn't sleep too well because of my discomfort, but I managed to sleep a bit, so.... Anyhow, last night after the pub mostly consisted of chatting to Dave, Laura and Jen, all of whom provided excellent company. Chatted to Jen for hours, which was really nice :o)

So, the pub. Well, met Chris's girlfriend Rachael. First impressions - very pretty. What the heck is Chris paying her?! Heh, just kidding ;o)... But yeah, she was attractive, seemed smart (although we didn't discuss quantum physics or anything), reasonable sense of humour (although very different to mine and Dan's, obviously).... Plays pool better than myself and Dan.... We got challenged by a seemingly very drunk guy from the next table, to a game of doubles. We decided to have a warm-up game first, before we played them, which was me and Chris. I deliberately played even worse than usual (although you could be forgiven for thinking I was trying my best) and as such, managed to exempt myself from any other games.... Phew.... So anyway, yeah, we lost to them.... Sucks :o)

I felt kinda proud when I got there - the barmaid asked if I was going to be on the brandy again tonight. It's kinda amusing and cool to have people remember what you drink (especially since Dan can't remember what anybody drinks ever) - although then again, it's kinda worrying at the same time. Ho hum....

Anyway, I'm off to play a little Midtown Madness 2 on the other computer.... It's so cool to be able to sit online with one computer, and just play games on the other :o)

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I've just been playing Black & White for the last six hours. Straight. :p

My eyes are all dry.

With a tongue that long, how are you still single?!!

That is quite frankly the funniest thing I have ever read online. :)

It was a joint effort - myself and Becca came up with it at once :o)


Oh, in that case it is awful. Truly ghastly. ;)

I had...an inability to breathe...for eight hours.

Pass on my comiserations to your family won't you.


Hey! Liar!

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