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Home at last
And so are my parents. Yay. No more washing clothes, no more feeding the cat all the time, no more washing dishes, no more cooking for myself. YAY! On the other hand, no more wild parties, no staying up until 5am drinking, no casual sex with random girls. No, wait, those didn't happen anyway. Oh, OK then. No down-sides :o)

Anyhow, I've spent the evening sitting online, listening to MP3s, being lazy. Like all good Friday nights. Or not, as the case may be.... Getting drunk and sleeping with random women is for University - not for home.

Today I hardly got to see that girl, let alone strike up a conversation with her. Which was something of a shame. I tried the tricks off TV (moving cubicle walls, putting notes in the vending machine), and now Bert from Shipping thinks I'm after him... Ho hum... (Note: there is no Bert in shipping, this is meant for joke purposes only). Oh well.

Today is not a good day for me. 11th of August. Ugh. Talk about your most hideously depressing lonely day of the year. I'm already bleeding, and it's not even 8pm yet. But that was also something else. I had a funny lump on the side of my toe. On closer inspection, it wasn't a large blister as I thought, but part of my toe. Well it shouldn't have been there, and it was making it difficult to curl them. So I took a knife to it, stabbed the bastard, and after a bit of bleeding it's a lot smaller now. In fact, the toe is back to normal shape.

I'm thinking - blood or alcohol. I'm either going to bleed, or get drunk, and I don't know which yet. Perhaps I'll get drunk and then bleed when I fall and crack open my head on something. Perhaps I'll do neither, and just sit here in abject misery. Who knows, or cares... Screw you all.

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So, just out of curiosity, where are you actually from? The U.S. or Ireland? Neither? Or, am I an idiot? hehe . .

I'm a Brit (hence, I live in England)... :o)

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