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From my old website...
In the list of movies I like on my old website, the following was present:
Alice in Wonderland - OK, so this one is somewhat different from the others, but allow me to explain... This is the single most scary movie I've seen in my life. Far more so than any horror movies, that's for sure. And the reason is this... Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. Let's just think about them for a minute - they're absolutely insane, and talk rubish. And they don't let Alice get away, so she's stuck with them. That's somewhat worrying. The whole thing is just one insane acid trip after another, and it's far from a cozy tale. The Mad Hatter scares the hell out of me - this is a genuinely scary guy, because he's totally mental. Really, it's bad. And don't even get me started on the Cheshire Cat, who still makes me sweat. The grin... Ugh... The one saving grace is that he's voiced by the same guy that did Winnie the Pooh in the old films (which I also watch sometimes), so if you just close your eyes, it's OK. Oh, and in the animated film there's this creature with a brush for a nose, which rubs out the path back to Alice's home, which is also somewhat scary (to me if not to anybody else in the universe :o)
Heh, fun :o)

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i know exactly what you mean about those brush creatures

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