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I'm in trouble for being up late. Or I will be tomorrow... But I've done a good deed, I think.

My brother was recording an Eminem concert until 12:15am, but when I turned on the TV at 1am, an Eminem concert was on. Perhaps it was delayed, I dunno, but whatever, I leave it recording. However, about ten minutes ago, the tape ran out, and the concert was still on, so I put one of mine in (which he can now keep) to catch the rest.... The concert is, I think, the Calais one of Eminem's tour, which also has Dr Dre at it - perhaps it's a repeat of what he recorded earlier, perhaps it's not. Best to be safe, and make sure he's happy in the morning either way :o)

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Thank you for the thought but it was the thing that'd been on earlier. I owe you a lot of recording when you go home now :-)

One thing - It's Cali as in California :-)


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