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I'm awake
And I'm up and about. The cat is fed, and is now allowed outside (whether or not she chooses to actually go out is quite another matter). I may feed myself soon, or I may simply not bother with that crap, in anticipation of my parents' return and (hopefully) their provision of meals. Now as I look back over my time here alone, I don't think I've done too badly. I'm still alive, I only got blind drunk one night, nothing broke, everything is currently more or less clean, the cat is fine, and above all, I didn't starve.

In other (slightly more scary) news, it is just 6 days until August 17th - A-Level results day. That's not the scary bit - I have no fear whatsoever about the results (after all, I only need 22 points to get into Sussex). However, if I get three A's and a B (which I'd be pleased with, I'm really unsure about my chemistry grade right now), and both Phil and Oliver get four A's, then I owe them a car between them. Of course, the same goes for me if I get four A's, and they get less than that - loser buys winner a car. However, I'm really rather hoping for four A's plus a Grade 1 in my STEP Maths.... Let's just see... Anyhow, time for work. Later people...


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