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I want to go home
No, not this place. Actual home (i.e. somewhere that I don't hate), back at Uni, where I don't have to put up with certain parents. It's fucking laughable that they seem to think that I can't tell what they're saying to me, it really is. They say all these things, but I know exactly what it is they mean, the thing that's behind practically everything they say, and it's something that hurts me a lot. I just don't know what to do any more.

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Yow. :-( *great big hug* Are you going to be okay, love? How soon do you get to go back 'home'?

though i've not been in your situation, and i don't even know what happened, i do know how you feel. i've been there too many times with both my dad and my mom. but i'm either there or here and i have no where else to go.

but i'm there for you.


Plan: I'll save you from your parents if you save me from mine.... We can just run away together ;o)

And I know you're there for me. That's what keeps me happy through all of this :o)

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