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I've still not eaten yet, and I'm getting rather peckish. The problem, however, is that there's nothing I feel like eating right now - perhaps I should just go back to bed or summat...

Becca popped around earlier, which was a nice surprise. However, I'm not in the best of moods right now, so alas I couldn't be my usually charming, entertaining, witty self. Ho hum...

Oh, and only two horses managed to finish in the Grand National without their jockeys falling off, and Jimbo had bet on both, netting him a tidy profit. Arse.... :o)

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Witty, entertaining???? Who is this person you describe? S for me..well i am not in the best of moods either..hell soon we will both be happy xxx

stoppit...worry not, all will get better. I am coming to spk 2 u soon, poppet it might not console you much but i will always love you. *hug*, Becca :0)

sometimes its ok to not be in the best of moods.
i'm sure by the end of the day you'll be back to your, um, charming,entertaining, witty self
again. = )

We'll see. Don't count on it. come you feel so bad?

Long list of reasons, half of which I can't say anyway...

oh..alright. well i hope you feel better.

i hope your day got better as it progressed. = )

Seriously, all but two jockeys FELL OFF???? Was the racecourse really muddy or something?

Yup, muddy, raining, although it's not that they all fell off. Lots of rider-less horses got in the way, and loads of the horses further back had to slow down to avoid them and as such couldn't jump, so they just stopped...

That sounds like an absolutely bizarre race. %-)

It's not a race. It's an annual farce where they attempt to break horses into little pieces (jockey's too, but hell they have a choice in the matter).

I really think it's a waste of space. The best horse/jockey wins so rarely it's not worth the effort.

When he says 2 made it to the finish that was out of what, 30+ starters? At least 2 fell every fence for the first circuit.

That is SO pathetic ...

And they bitch about FOX hunting, for heaven's sake - this is more humane?

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