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Anybody else...?
... notice how stupid Buffy the Vampire Slayer has got lately? In tonight's episode, she just let Drusilla get away. Has she forgotten that it was Dru that killed Kendra? Or that, indeed, she's a fricking vampire? Buffy seems a lot less willing to kill stuff lately... How messed up is that? Yeesh....

In even less sane news, the tumble-dryer is about to switch on, so I may go lie down in front of it for a bit.... Hey, now there is an interesting habit I can share with you all sometime :o)

Update: Note, you can't see into the tumble-dryer through the metal door, which makes me sitting in front of it even more weird. I'm not watching anything go around.

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But in all fairness she did have a rather sexy undead bloke hitting on her at the time.

And I think Kendra deserved it. She just pissed me off soo much.

Watching your OWN underwear in the tumble dryer? I don't really see the appeal myself ;-)

This is true - Spike rules.... She's so harsh for turning him down :o(

Kendra annoyed me too... Or should I say "Kyen-Dra! Dee Vamp-eye-a slay-a!" Ugh....

And no, not watching anything - can't see into the thing (as my post now reflects). Curiouser and curiouser ;o)

That left me feeling so.. I dunno. Like..gah! hehe.

Shouldn't that be More curious and more curious. And even then it doesn't make much sense.

Which Pratchett book is that from again? heh.

/me wants to touch Spike's hair.. it's soo cool

It's from that well known Pratchett book "Alice in Wonderland" :o)

I wish I had his hair, his voice, his style... Gah...

I meant the bit I posted. Someone says "Curiouser and curiouser" and then someone else tries to understand. I think it's the latest one, but if you're not a TP fan never mind.

If I were to be crude I'd say I'd settle for "other" parts of him. But I'm not going to. Because that would be crude.
Ever heard him interviewed? I want to know what his real accent sounds like (when he's not faking a British one).

And get your own words. gah is mine. Grrrr.

Au contraire, I am a great Pratchett fan - got most of the books, and read and re-read all of the rest, I just don't remember that quote. Gah...

I've never heard him speak, no... I guessed the accent might not be natural, on account of having never heard a Brit accent quite like it... Shame, it's the coolest accent ever :o)

Can I have "Bah" or "Blah"?

Gah indeed ;-)

Apparently his accent is based on Anthony Stewart Head's real accent (he puts it on for Giles too. weird).

You can have Blah.. don't want to get certain welsh people all excited having you baaaa ing all over the shop.

Well, that's definitely 'different' ... I've heard of women sitting on the washer, but I'm sure their enjoyment is of an entirely different sort ... %-)

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