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Bah, if I must....
I'm downloading the JDK 1.2... I'm currently on 1.1.8, and it doesn't have Java Swing, which I need for the Java LJ client... I still dunno if I'll hack it to bits and rebuild it my own way, but it'll be nice to have the chance. First thing to do is put all metadata selection on the main journal window - that'll make me use it far more, especially if current mood and picture are both prominent :o)

But I have so many ideas about a cool LJ client. Skinned, beautiful software, which would rule. I'll go photoshop an example :o)

This is it without the subject bar, and it's mostly just a concept thing... But this is how I'd want it to look, with the space down the sides having all manner of neato buttons on. I have many ideas, but I ain't sharing right now ;o)


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