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Well, it's goodnight from me....
The tiredness is getting to me. Plus, I really do not want to be waking up and staring at a watch which reads 08:10 again. A terrible experience. Today hasn't been depressing - only a few significant landmarks happened a year ago today, and one of them was me spending lots of money....

£70 for new (later) plane ticket home
£36 for first two nights at B&B
£40 to secretly replace the money she lost
£20 on food for us both

That's a lot of cash to spend in one day. Well, for me, anyway. Other relationship landmarks on that day are things I certainly will not be disclosing to anybody (until next time I get drunk - you have been warned). Tomorrow is the really bad day though - 11/8. Let's see how I cope. If I get absolutely wasted tomorrow evening and start spouting crap, kindly forgive me - odds are I know not what I say.

Anyway, until tomorrow morning's update (well, if I get round to it - I probably will).... Mummy (and the rest of the family) are home tomorrow, which is, like, totally groovy. Now I get my meals cooked for me, have washing done on my behalf, and not have to wash things up. Oh well...

Anyhow, just finished a nice religion test (see "cuteblonde"'s journal for where it is etc.), which was fun. So now I'm off. G'night


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