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Fill Out my Poll Damn You
If you read my journal and haven't filled this out yet, please do so. Frankly, I just love playing with polls - people are more likely to put an opinion in a text box in my post than to hit the "Reply" button, it's just how it seems to work. And, believe it or not, I value all your opinions :o)

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(Deleted comment)
You clearly put too much thought and effort in to the reply, then.

Very much unlike you then ;o)

What's that supposed to mean? My reply was adequate.

You can do better than adequate - I have faith in you.

I can't even remember what I put now. Because SOMEONE marked the results as hidden.

Yes.... I didn't want people to feel self-conscious about anybody reading what they put... For instance, David's reason was:
"Because I am secretly in love with you, and like to monitor your every action"
However, if he thought that anybody else could see that, he'd probably not have written it...

(Deleted comment)
I suppose it's comparible to a traffic accident. You dont want to see, but you look anyway.

Wow, I feel so special ;o)

I tried making it longer, but it had a max value of 255.... Sorry :o)

Shame there aren't true text boxes (you know, multi-line ones)... That'd rule :o)

*looks at comment page*

Oh, wait, they got those ;o)

i did the poll, but the pic i picked isnt doing so was the 3rd one and if i mean anything to you, you will pay no attention to the feeble results and go with the 3rd pic.

Hmm, much as I'd love to, I'm afraid you were the only person who voted for that one. Sorry ;o)

(oh, and this one is a different poll to that one - this is a newer thing)

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