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Playing Blink 182 behind your head is difficult... Mind, since I can only barely play Blink anyway, it's not much of a shock to me... However, I then started playing some REM and Chili Peppers behind my head, which I can do... Just. But damn, my neck is now rather sore... My guitar is bloody heavy...

Spoke to Jen earlier, which was lovely... At one point, while she was away from the keyboard and webcam, I went through my ICQ history (as you do), and I was reminded of something. Brian GarciaSo I'm going to tell you a story...

As with many of my stories that have a point, this one comes back to Bri. For an explanation of him, follow this link... So anyhow, Bri had a girlfriend called Kara. He told me once in an ICQ chat (I remember it so vividly) how it was that he told her he was in love with her originally. He copied and pasted the words to the song "I think I love you" into a conversation they were having online, and told her that the song showed how he felt... He said this in a huge conversation with me about how much he loved her, and the sheer emotion of it was just so touching. And when he said about how he told her, I just thought it was the most romantic thing ever, and dearly wished that I could have something like that...

Anyhow, getting on for two years later, I meet Jen. Amazingly beautiful, smarter than anybody who has ever paid me any attention, and a ray of golden sunshine into the drab, boring existence that passes for my life. But could I tell her this? Well, not really... I fumbled for the words, and frankly, failed miserably. Everything I said to her was along the lines of "There's something I really have to tell you, but I don't know how, and it's not right" (bearing in mind she was still with Tony at the time). Eventually, I managed to finally find the words:
You can tell me this is inappropriate. You can run away screaming. You can start saying random things because this is way too serious. You can tell me to shut up. But you should still hear this;

I think I'm falling in love with you. Like, properly.
Heh... Even at my most serious, I still tack stupid bits onto sentences (the "like, properly") bit, because when it comes down to it, I have a hard time really being 100% serious. Her response was to reply with the lyrics to "Lifehouse - Hanging by a Moment", and say:
"i believe it says what i feel"

It was perhaps the most romantic thing anybody has ever done for me, and I wanted that said on my journal. She makes my life so beautiful :o)

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So who is the guy with the red hair? Bri?

Indeed it is. Silly child, his hair looked better blue...

Red? Blue?

awww :)

one month, my darling

i love you

The first of many :o)

I love you too :o)

Oh... get a room...

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