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I am King....
Yes, I am King of the Chocolate Monstrosity.... But now I feel ill - I shouldn't put so much sugar and chocolate powder onto cereal that already has both chocolate and sugar in it.... Ugh....

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(Deleted comment)
My blood sugar goes funny every now and again. I swear, I can feel when I'm too low or too high.... And I'm certainly too high in blood sugar now - I poured the sugar into the cereal from the bag... If you knew how much sugar I have, you'd know why I feel icky :o)

(Deleted comment)
I tried this once....I ended up with a lot more coke than I started with... : o

(Deleted comment)
It would've been if the coke had stayed in the glass it started in an not felt the need to move to the surrounding area ; )

(Deleted comment)
This is indeed a good idea and will have to be tried out ; )

ChocolateChocolateChocolateChocolateChocolateChocolateChocolateChocolateChocolateChocolateChocolateChocolate...i wish i could have Chocolate right now. but i can't for another week because of lent. i think i'm going to die if i don't have Chocolate soon! = )

Heh, my flatmate Vicky gave up Chocolate, Meat, and something else too... Crazy girl that she is... Mind you, it was either that or alcohol, and I think she'd have found alcohol even harder to give up, bless her ;o)

chocolate was the hardest thing i've ever given up. and then i went to go see the movie last night. i think i was having a temporary moment of insanity. = )

*puts a webcam picture of chocolate on his journal*


Well, I might, if I had any. Alas, I don't eat it since coming home, except in breakfast cereal. Shocking, really...

chocolate in cereal..what kind of cereal? = )

Last time I checked, I had:
  • Triple Crunch
  • Coco Pops
  • Frosted Shreddies
  • Choco-Shreddies
  • Bran Flakes
Add to that many tablespoons of sugar, plus a couple of tablespoons of chocolate powder, and you have... well... what I eat :o)

I ought to be a fat bastard, with what I eat.... More chocolate than you'd believe, nothing healthy. I'm only just now beginning to put on any weight, and that's thankfully going to all the places where it should have been before. So all is good :o)

mm...sounds kinda good. may have to try that after lent. = )

OK, but do it pretty near a hospital, and if possible, have paramedics on hand just in case... It's not entirely the most healthy thing you can eat - especially when you have to eat the sugar/chocolate sludge at the bottom, which is pretty much just pure sugar flavoured with a little chocolate. It's enough to melt your head... i'm hungry. lucky for me there's a hospital pretty close...definitely going to try it.

OK.... But I can't be held responsible.... For anything. Ever. Right? :o)

right. james is not responsible for anything that happens to me while trying his cereal mixture.

I invision James melting a big bar of chocolate and dribbling it all over his cornflakes.

However, I assume he means chocolate flavoured cerials, such as Coco Pops. They turn the milk chocolaty. It says here.

The very same... Although this stuff called "Triple Crunch" is a nice oat cereal which also contains flakes of white, milk and plain chocolate. But the chocolate isn't as nice as the oat part (which is sweetened), so it's a bit silly :o)

thanks for clearing that up for me. = )

*vomits on Scott*

I had saved your userpic, put a vomit on it, and was going to upload it to demonstrate. But I decided that was going too far.

Shame. I would have liked to see that.

It didn't look good enough :o)

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