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Good Morning
*looks at time*

Bollocks. I'm sure it was morning when I clicked the icon.... Oh well.... I'd faff about with my time on my PC, but I'm really not that desperate to by updating in the morning. So afternoon it is.


Good afternoon. Anyway, nonsense over, talking time. Had a nice phone call from David earlier, which probably cost him a bomb... Silly child. His CPU falls out of his motherboard randomly, it seems - that sounds safe.

*prods David's computer for a laff*

Heehee... Um, anyway, so what have I done this morning? Well, if we're talking about productive things to do, then not a lot. Thankfully, I don't give a toss about being productive - merely fulfilled. So far today, I have played "Turn My Head" by Live with my guitar behind my head, for a laugh, I've connected my brother's Playstation 2 up to my TV Card in my PC just so that I can play Metal Gear Solid 2 in a window (it's the small, sad things that keep me entertained), and I've had a quick go on my keyboard. I can now play the nice little piano bit from American Beauty. Mind, if you recall, it's not so hard.... It's something like CBAADCB or summat... There's more, but that's vaguely the general idea..... Again, probably in the wrong key - I can never figure out what key things go in, which is why I generally prefer not to play with anything else. If I can sing in the key I'm playing in (fat chance, but run with me on this one), then it doesn't really matter what key I play a song in.

In news on future events... well.... what are the odds that I'll be doing anything? Mind, I shall be eating breakfast very shortly, which will be nice - for once, I'm actually a little hungry, so I'll do myself some toast and hot chocolate... Yummy....

And onto thoughts, rather than actions... Hmm, what am I thinking? Well, right now, I'm thinking that I wish I could play guitar and/or sing like either Dexter Holland or Art Alexakis.... Art's voice is just, like, wow, but then again, in "Denial, Revisited", towards the end, Dexter sing in a way that I don't think I've ever heard before.... It's damned good. Blah, I suppose I can just practice the guitar part - I'd sooner be able to play damn well on the guitar than sing well, to be honest....


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