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Damnit. I haven't got the energy to make this post Private. Sometimes those feel like I'm talking to myself (yes, I know Jen reads them, but I still usually write them at myself, and it just feels a bit odd occasionally).... But I'm fed up at everything and nothing.... Sometimes I get manic, sometimes I get depressed, other times I just get randomly pissed off. Heh...

Anyhow, I'm just annoyed.... Today is now March 6th, which... well... I won't spoil the significance of the date, that ruins all the fun. But I was kinda hoping to get to do something this evening which I didn't, and of all the evenings to miss, this was an unfortunate one. But still, not cross about that as such, it just reminds me of all the other stuff I'm cross at....

Part of my anger is my bloody rheumatism, which is playing up something chronic right now. Had it once in each knee tonight, and my right knee still isn't back to normal, so I'm sat here in excrutiating pain. I've put some stuff on it, but if it doesn't start feeling better soon, it's pain killers time. Either that, or a quick nip of alcohol from the cupboard (but not both). I happen to know that we have a very fine quality apple brandy in, which I've not drunk in over 6 months....

Update: For "very fine quality apple brandy" read "piss-like substance that'll only just be bearable for cooking, let alone anything else"... Or perhaps I just look for better quality than I did back when I used to drink that. Now anything short of cognac is icky... Ho hum :o)

Blah, continue rant. Martin is pissed off at me. And I genuinely care that he's annoyed, annoying him was never my intention. So here's a nice public apology (can't hurt). Martin, I'm sorry I used your username and pass to change your galaxy picture, and generally access your account in Planetarion - I didn't at any time mean it maliciously, and was only doing it in the name of fun. Childish, I know, but this is something that you (and everybody else) should know to expect from me...

I'm currently filled with a lot of "Flirting Energy". That is to say, my current natural instinct is to find a girl and chat her up. Which is kinda annoying, since the only girl I really want to do that to is currently at the movies with Gabby. It takes a lot of self-control for me not to go out randomly chatting up strangers, as I'm sure Mr Whitney will verify.

I'm saying "Blah" too much. It's a highly versatile word, but that doesn't justify its overuse. Blah... See? Anyhow, there's a load of other reasons I'm pissed off, but writing them down somewhere isn't going to help my mood, so I think I'll just fuck off to bed....

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I thought we have April now?:)

and about your LJ being so popular? I know nothing about that :o) I just read it because you were the 2nd LJ I found after the one of a friend who gave me a link to hers... Voila:)

Today is now March 6th...

Is it now? :)

I saw that too

Maybe he's moving on 1 month slow? ;)

That in itself is a clue.

'Blah' is the 'Etc' of the New Generation(tm).

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