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Talking to Dave about coming up to see him, and he said this:
"And coming up is good. This means that you, me and Adam can go stand on Martin's doorstep until the police remove us."
I've now got that mental image in my head, of us just stood there, Fight Club style, not moving or anything, until Hull's police come and club us.... :o)

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Glad we're thinking similar things on the matter : )

I prefer my version where we run off before the clubbing begins though : )

The version I like best is where I escape, but you and Adam are captured by the brutal criminal police :o)

I will feign innocence, placing the blame squarely on this man: : )

I would kill them all, then eat them!!!!!!!!

/me sets up couldron of boiling oil on the roof over door...

oh help. the unknown james in hull!!!!!!!!!

Absolutely, you'd best all start preparing yourselves :o)

AAARRRGHHH - Should i warn the local police - nah let adam get the blame for everything

Yes Officer, it was this man:

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