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I hate you Dan
So I close the window (finally), after hearing that disturbing song a few hundred times. Two popup windows appear, along with an IE dialog, which says "Click YES to Continue". But that is false - the window is a "Would you like to set your home page to...." window, which is just (slightly) disguised. Fuckers. I click "No", as you do, and get a popup. Yeesh, it's worse than the shite you get when you visit Warez sites (which immediately forward you to 20 porn sites, each of which then sends you to even more porn sites).... So I close the next one too.... And I get another "Do you want to set your blah blah blah" window. Fuck it. Eventually, I manage to close a window before it loads up it's script to launch a new window on close, and I'm safe.

But now they have my e-mail address, thanks to Dan. Ooh, you are so (Craig David) dead....

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Well, a simple CTRL-ALT-DEL and close IE would of done it easy as pie, Craig David

Perhaps, but I don't generally like having to do that... Because if it then comes back for some reason and says "Not responding" (which it has a habit of doing at times), then hitting End Task kills all instances of IE. And I normally have about 5 browsers open, so...

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