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Amusing Dream
Well, I'll start at the end, because that was annoying, so I want to get it out of the way. I was back at Uni, and like in at least 4 dreams I've had in the last couple of weeks, I forgot to go see the Sub Dean of Maths on the first day, and realised that I'd get kicked out for that. I hate when I constantly have that dream, it really doesn't help my state of mind any...

But prior to that, the University had a new multi-storey carpark (along with a small shopping centre, which has featured in many dreams before - it's in Aylesbury (the version of it in my dreams anyway), and has all sorts of small shops), for some reason, but its creation had opened a portal into another (evil) dimension. In a completely Buffy inspired sequence, Glory, a Goddess from that dimension, comes through to our universe. Then, in perhaps a Dogma-inspired sequence (there were similarities in parts to Dogma), I then find that I'm the son of God, who is also gifted with super-powers. I team up with Jen The Vampire Slayer (yes, sad aren't I?), and we go kick Glory's ass. We can't kill her, but we chase her to the top of the car park, where her and I have a big battle. I use my Messianic powers to stop her from hurting Jen, and then throw her off the carpark. Jen and I then go off happily.

Please, nobody needs to tell me how messed up that is, this I already know ;o)


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