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My Evening
Hooray, I finally have an evening worthy of explaining to people. I like having a life.

I feel I must apologise for spelling mistakes in advance - I had a little to drink. I decided that drinking to excess is bad, but that having a sociable drink is perfectly acceptable. So I have four sociable double brandies with the others, rendering me just slightly tipsy. Do not fear though, normal service will be provided :o)

So anyway, went to Thame, picked Dan up, and went to Chris's. We immediately then got in his car and popped into Oakley to collect Grant. On arrival, his parents seemed pleasantly surprised to see us, and when we asked if he wanted to come out, they seemed all too glad to allow him to do so. Drove back to Crendon, and went to our usual pub. The first round consisted of beer for everybody except me - I had a pint of cola instead. However, the second round arrived, and I decided to be sociable and drink a little, so I had a double brandy, while the others had beer. My cola still lasted me for ages after that, so I went and bought myself another double brandy (downed in one, like all my drinks).

It was then Dan's round, and Grant didn't want anything, so Dan kindly bought me another double brandy. This seriously affected my ability to play pool - I started doing far better after a few drinks. Odd.... Anyhow, in the end, I think I won two of my four games, which was pretty good going for me. It got to Grant's round, and neither he nor Dan wanted any more drink, so I had a final double Brandy while Chris had a double Southern Comfort. We downed them together, and had another game of pool. I was seriously bad this time, and he won very quickly (but then, I was never good at pool).

At some point (I forget when chronologically), Averill, Bedwin and Kendall arrived, and amusing chatter ensued. Bedwin and the barmaid seemed friendly enough ;o)... Actually, the barmaid seemed really nice, although after my second double Cognac, she kept giving me funny looks. When I ordered my third, she said something akin to "You're really on a mission tonight, aren't you...". Blah, I take that to be a suggestion that I can't hold my alcohol. Well, I shall post this without spell-checking, and let my public decide whether I have a tolerance for drink or not. Blah :o)

Anyhow, a good time was had by all. Chris dominated the pool table, as per usual.... Had a fun night out. On Friday, we might be going there again, this time to meet Chris's girlfriend Rachael.... Should be fun (although what impression we'll make I simply do not know).... Anyhow, end of my story, for now. If I think of anything else, I'm sure I shall post it :o)


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