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Sex in the office store room...
.... did not occur today. I'm beginning to wonder if TV has lied to me all these years (uh, Sitcom TV that is. Porno films don't even bother with them going into the store room - any desk will do. Or so I've heard). Anyhow, she arrived in the office at like 10:30am, and was gone by lunch (or, at least, somewhere other than the main downstairs office). Pity, since I was actually going to talk to her. She was wearing different clothes today - they made her look so much nicer (and she looked nice before, so...)

Anyway, let's start again from the beginning. As you may be aware, I overslept today, so had to get a Taxi. It was the same driver as before, and when I got in, he said "Same as last time?". I responded in the affirmative, and closed my eyes for a bit of rest before work. Eventually, we got there, and I suddenly realised he'd dropped me off in the wrong place. Not one to contradict a stranger, I just accepted this, paid him, and got out (but no tip this time). It turned out that he'd dropped me off at the furthest possible point from where my work is. So I had to walk for 15 minutes to get to the town center, and a further 15 minutes to actually get to the office. I got into work at 9:20 in the end, and elected to work through my lunch break in order to get the job done. Which meant I was working non stop from 9:20 to 5pm.... The Oxygen cylinder ran out, and so half my tests couldn't take place, so I had to concentrate on the others. Which, incidentally, involved me taking apart a very expensive piece of kit, and swapping components. Which was somewhat daunting. But I managed it fine, and got some decent results (until the end, when I was reading that there were less than 500 parts per trillion of oxygen in my nitrogen mixture, when it should have been 2.7 parts per million). Anyway, all went well (apart from not seeing that girl much, and not even getting to say "hi" to her).

In related news, I had to phone the States in order to get tech support on something, but I couldn't get through to the bastards. Damn them! So I'll e-mail them tonight. On my walk to the bus stop, Becca's mother passed by in her car and offered me a lift. Which, naturally, I graciously accepted. So I got home by 5:20 for the first time in a long time. Why, if I had wanted, I could have even watched Neighbours. Fortunately, my Australian friend Chris has told me what will happen over the next little while, so I needn't bother watching...

Anyway, after a brief phone call to my parents (who are coming home tomorrow), I came online to find that David's entire life has fallen to bits. Which he really doesn't deserve. And it's something I can't even begin to help with - it's neither my place, nor within my power, to do anything. I shall simply have to let things run their course - not an action I enjoy doing. Anyway, more later once interesting things (the sort I can talk about) happen....


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