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Oh, and by the way....
Somebody may not have been happy with my comment about Becky Lee being 3 years younger than me, and thus being unsuitable. Could a Mr David Whitney please explain what a child Becky really was? I'm not ageist, really I'm not, but Becky seriously acted like a little kid. David - explain this in a comment, please :o)

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to sum it up: nice girl, shame about the fickle, temperamental, childish imaturity.

That about does it :o)

Not to mention... ugh... Pete, of all people... Icky :o)

lol I'd forgotten about the whole Pete thing :o)

"James, I really like you, and I want to sit next to you in the cinema..." *wink wink* "...but I've decided that I want to kiss this stupid 13 year old tub of lard until you get here"

No wonder I stopped liking her :o)

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