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Good good....
I'm off to the pub with Dan and Chris shortly. Well, in like an hour and a bit. But still, that's close enough to now. Wondering if I should resume (moderate) drinking, or stick to my guns. It's now about 9 weeks since I last had a drink, which is impressive... Mind, drinks at the pub are just way too expensive really, and I'm still kinda against the whole drinking thing. I never get drunk drunk, but I go straight from stone-cold-sober to very merry. There is no nice intermediate for me... Blah.

In other news, we're awaiting pictures of the good people from Hull, but Dave can't get it to work. I'd tell him why it's not working, but that would spoil all my fun. A clue is that they're not File Not Found errors that you get from it. But that's all I'm saying ;o)

In yet other news, voting is taking place on my userpic. Good, I want to make sure that I'm using the popular choice.... Now a question on my hair - should I bleach the whole thing right now, so that when it grows longer, I have blonde tips and <insert my actual hair color here because I don't know it> long roots? Claire seems to think that'd look good, and she's generally a fairly good judge of hair things (hers is perhaps some of the coolest hair I've seen in person, so...), and if it didn't work, I could just trim all the ends, and problem solved. Another advantage of that is that I can then dye my hair any silly color, and it'll be more vivid in the tips. Like purple, perhaps - I liked my hair purple. Or blue, I liked it blue too... Green and Pink were colors I liked less :o)

Anyhow, there's some food for thought. As for the pub, I dunno when I'll be home. At the very latest, it ought not be much later than 10:30pm, in theory. Hope I don't miss too much, or more specifically, miss any certain people too much ;o)


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