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Good Morning All
Hmm... One comment overnight. Kids, that's the lowest yet.... Obviously I go to bed after most of you, so that kinda excuses you, but still.... I log on, and find I have 2 e-mails, one of which is spam anyway. Blah....

So anyway, I'm awake and about and stuff. Ed looks like he's got Glandular Fever, which isn't so great - hope I don't get it, that'd kinda fuck up my life nicely... But I think I'm probably safe - I am, of course, invulnerable and stuff... *hopes*

Planetarion has taken a shock turn. The Snetters from AGHLTFC were harder to repel than I thought, and I lost much of the remainder of my fleet. However, what I have left has been sent at Rey, along with Dave's fleet, Antti's fleet, and DMZ's fleet. Adam has sent his fleet to attack Dave, so in retaliation, I used my brother's account to attack Rey, Adam, and Dave. Just for fun.... Chas will defend Rey, so we'll lose all those ships... Heh, fun fun fun :o)

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Spam is interesting. I never seem to get it when I am sat in my inbox. It always arrives when I am away from my computer.


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