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I had a little alarm clock....
.... and in a fit of rage I just threw the fucker against a wall and it broke into several pieces. That will most certainly teach it not to wake me up. The current time is 8:15, I'm not wearing any clothes (hence I need time to get dressed etc.), I can't afford to get another taxi (but will anyway), and God Damnit I am pissed off in the extreme. Some small consolation is that the stupid alarm (which didn't go off - I set it for 6:50 and it just didn't go off, because I was half awake at that time and I would have noticed) is now in bits. I'll have to pay my parents for it, but it wasn't expensive...

It's all rather a shame, since I could go in at 10am and work until 6pm instead of my usual hours. The problem there of course is that if the boss calls in at, say, 9:45 and asks to speak to me, then I'm totally screwed. So I need to grab some quick breakfast, and get me a Taxi damned fast. Fucking alarm.... I also blame David - I was about to go offline and he came on, and I had to talk to him. David Whitney, I shall bill you for this taxi ;o)


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