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Your votes are in...
You can expect a post on "Meeting people from the Internet" shortly. Expect details on some of the following people:

Karen, Chas, TMA, Liz, David, Morg, Jon, Phil, Jo, Hannah, Mitch, Laura, Becky, Katie, Jamie, Mel, Grace, Emily, Andy, Kit, Dave, Jen....

I know I've not met some of these people "In Real Life" yet, but I will, and this is a post not only about first impressions in person, but first impressions online.... Stay tuned :o)

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*twiddles thumbs waiting for post*

*contemplates sorry existence*

*is sad*

It's done - all 3000 words, done within an hour. Mind, that's only 50 words per minute, less than a word per second. Not good enough, I can do double that usually... Must type faster :o)

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