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Nothing much happens in my life that I can really report any more.... It's a shame, I love this thing, and it'd be nice to be doing something I could write about sometimes.... Oh well, when I get back to Uni and resume this "life" thing (or something), perhaps then I'll have something for you.

Right now, Planetarion is a good laugh... For those that don't know, it's an online game thing, where you build ships and launch them at your enemies. The game is about having the most ships, and to get ships, you need many asteroids to mine. It's complex, but that's the general idea. Myself and the rest of my Adjective Army all have accounts, and play it often. It's kinda a turn based long term thing. It has come to an end for this particular round, and there's just a week left. So we're having some fun.

Today, Ed, Dave and Me all launched our fleets on Martin, having first tipped off Chas and Dirk. They defended him, while we attacked. We came off the worse for our battle, but still... Then some of the lads from AGHLTFC attacked me, so my fleet is currently on its way home to meet their fleet (which is half the size of mine). Tomorrow, myself, Antti, Muumi, Dave and Ed are going to attack Rey, who will likely receive defence from DMZ, Chas, Dirk, and perhaps TMA... Right now, Adam, feeling upset that he didn't get to attack Martin, has launched his fleet at Dave. Dave, in turn, may be retaliating by sending Kat's fleet at him. Ah, what fun...

*goes through and linkifies that*

Heh.... Lots of links....

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1 0wn j00 4ll!!!!! 1!!!!!! : )

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Same sort of time. We're expecting to get there at 6-8pm CETish...

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