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The Plan for Tomorrow
Right... well, tomorrow is the night for going to the pub. Should be interesting - myself, Chris and Dan are going to go to Grant's house, and see if he wants to come out. That's interesting, because Grant vanished off the face of the earth about 9 months ago, and none of us has heard from him since, despite the fact that we were pretty much his only friends from school. Unsociable asshole.

So yeah, we're going to drive over to his house, and make him come out with us, and be sociable for once. Of course, this means that if we're driving, Chris can't drink, and I won't be drinking, and Grant can't handle drink, so Dan will be the only one actually consuming alcohol, but still....

If we don't do that, then I guess it's just the usual plan of going to the pub for a few hours, and shooting some pool. Sounds good to me.... Then (perhaps) later this week we get to meet Rachael, Chris's girlfriend, which ought to be mighty good fun - ahh, we know so much about Chris that we can tell her ;o)

(just kidding - Chris probably knows more about me than I know about him (on account of my extreme willingness to tell people anything), so I shouldn't really tempt him to make stuff about me public)

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you know i have an extreme willingness to tell people anything too, but it often backfires on me as after everyone finds out it is kind of hard to deny it as you admitted it in the first place. but how was i supposed to know she liked him and she didnt have to go that far..bitch..oops i am getting a bit sidetracked, anyway....erm have a nice day!!


This about a certain person whose name begins with a C, or somebody else? :o)

actually this is yet another person..actually a loathed enemy. i dont make a habbit of making enemys, i swear i am a really nice girl...i am just misunderstood.

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