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Attention Adjective Army
Just to prove a point, I have something to say unto you. You are nothing but a squadron of trained monkeys, you are mere Adjective Assholes, and what's more, you are also scum.

I think Scott was of the opinion that I won't insult my minions or something.

Hey, there's an idea for a post - an explanation of who my Adjective Army actually are :o)

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"You are nothing but a squadron of trained monkeys"

When did we get trained? Did I skip that lecture?

See, this is
  1. Why I feel free to say things like that - nobody takes offence
  2. Why you are more a part of the AA than Evolvedmind will ever be

I have had this comment window open for the last hour and a half, I have thought of nothing interesting or amusing to say so I shall not reply.

I refuse to reply to this blatant troll :o)

I refuse to respond to this blatant refusal to troll. : )

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