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What I just posted to AFAA
With the title "For Great Justice" (I just had to, OK?):
OK, here's how it works. The battle lines are drawn, it's Adjective Asshole against Adjective Asshole in an epic battle to end all battles. The current armies are assembled thusly:

The Aggressors (hereafter known as "The £xpung£®z":

The Farcical Dave
The Unknown James
The Unbeatable Ed
The Formidable Adam

The Defenders (hereafter known as "Fodder"):

The Arcane Chas
The Inane Dirk
The Cryptic Syrius

Don't miss out! The battle will be raging from 8pm server time for 6-8 hours, and *you* can participate.

If you wish to join the victorious £xpung£®z, then send your attacking fleet to hit 60:14:10 at approximately 9-10pm server time. Throw all you can at the evil Chas and his minions!

However, if you wish to lose your fleet in a big ball of flames, then send it to defend 60:14:10, commencing at about 8pm server time. Send all your defence, and watch it get wiped out by our mighty attacking fleets.

This has been a wholly unbiased and purely factual report, from James Webley. Thank you for your time :o)
Ah, this will be good :o)

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