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Just had a major argument with Jo. Don't want to go into it on this thing right now, but if people want me to tell them what it was about, feel free to ask... Blah :o)

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Then I'm dancing. No...wait...

Was that a "hmmmm" as in "you're retarded, Scott", or more like "I am quite tempted"?

i think it was more "I am quite tempted"..= )

I'll need to change my playlist ... listening to some downbeat music. The kind where you just sway. :)

i see. what did you have in mind? = )

What would you prefer? Slow dance, swaying dance, or something with a more distinct baseline?

ohhh....i don't know. anything. = ) what are you in the mood for?

Well, I just put REM - Everybody Hurts on.

*stands up, holds his arms out*

awww...i love that song! *takes his arm and walks with him to the middle of the room*

Maybe I can play it for you on the guitar? If you ask nicely enough. Because I'm no good at the guitar.

When you day is night alone, hold on. When you feel like letting go, hold on... *sighs*

Ah, a solution presents itself. I can play that song on the guitar. I shall play for the both of you while you dance :o)

I can do the first two chords (which is 70% of the song) but I'm no expert. Especially at the bridge bit. You know.

sorry...i had to eat dinner...

can you play it on the guitar? = ) i'm listening to it right that's how im feeling right now.

I can indeed. It's fairly simple, you pluck the top four strings, xx0232 up and down twice, and then the top four strings xx5433 twice. Then later it's just Em and A.... It's a great song, because you can play it so easily, and it sounds so good...


I don't know if you were talking to James or me then ... all confusing .... I'm going to presume you were talking to James, but even so I'm going to reply. :-)

Yeah, I can play that on guitar, kind of. I can play a lot of songs on my guitar, kind of. *grin* Usually just the first bits. But I've only just started to play it.

OK, I'll write you up a post to explain it :o)

It's done... Make sure you're logged in to see it :o)

So where the heck is it? I wanna see it tooo! *snivel* ;-)

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