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Ah, trolling randoms...
The following individual, if ICQ information is to be believed, is 21, female, and a model. Observe:
ringo hi

James Howdy

ringo tell me how far would you go?

James Only as far as the fridge.... Any further and my legs get tired...

ringo well do you have a scanner?

James Indeed

ringo well would you take your pants off and sit on it and scan it for me?

James Much as I'd love to, I normally charge a minimum fee of £25 for that sort of service...

ringo well do you want to? i have pics to trade

James Of arses? No thanks, I can do without them

ringo no i have me, all of me, and i want a pic of your cock?

James Now that increases the price to £50.... I accept credit cards

ringo well forget it then..

James You can pay in installments if you like...

ringo look forget it ok, i was just looking for some fun

James Sorry, my fun does not come for free

ringo well i was trading pics too

James Pics are not legal tender

ringo forget it ok?

James OK
Ah, puts me in mind of the time Bri and I pretended to be a gay couple to freak out that (blatantly male) "girl" on ICQ that time... Heh... :o)

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Heh, nah, that's not funny.

A few months (years now, perhaps) back, some random "chick" on ICQ contacted me. I use quotes there because "she" listed "her" bra size, along with many personal details in her info, and spoke very much like a guy who wanted me to fill his head with sexual scenarios, talking about all kinds of disturbed shit.


So myself and my (then) bestest friend and soul mate, Bri, decided to have some fun. I informed this individual that I couldn't talk to "her", because my boyfriend would get jealous. That struck a chord - the person was very homophobic. I explained about how myself and my lover led our lives etc., and "she" freaked... Then Bri, using his ICQ account, also started talking to "her", saying the same sort of stuff, backing me up. We totally fried "her" mind, to the point where "she" was screaming at us to shut up...

*lol* you're horrible!!! = )

Am not. Anybody who goes around pretending to be a girl on ICQ when they are in fact a guy deserves to be freaked out by myself and my pseudo-homosexual friends.

Bri and I used to pretend to be a gay couple all the time, anyway... I swear there are still people out there who think we probably were... We had such fun with that whole pretense... :o)

Ah, makes me so sad to have lost my best friend :o(

sounds like you had some good times. = ) what happened? i mean, when you said you are sad to have lost your best friend.

It's mostly explained here, although not in that much detail...

there are some lovely peeps out there.Urgh.

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