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I opened a window, it was too stuffy in here. But to stop bugs coming in, I had to turn off the light. Mind, now they're attracted to the white glowing face they can see in the monitor light.

Now, I face the window. This means there are two faces in the window - one in the one directly in front of me, which is facing straight at me, and one to the left of that, also pointed at me, but at an angle to the room, since the window is open. And the scary thing is, I'd swear that when I'm not looking at them, the faces are doing something other than just reflect.... *shudder*

Anyhow, what's been going on..... Well, had an interesting chat with Laura, and had fun with David, thinking up ideas for the D& site... Should be good - we're taking trolling to the World Wide Web now, I think :o)

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lol. reminds me of the story of the toys that play when the grown ups aren't around..

My window is cool cos we've got double glazing, but for some reason they cast different angles of incidence, so one reflection is slightly higher than the other.

Basically it means if I lean back on my chair and scowl I look just like Spike in vamp mode from Buffy :-)

Except he's a yank, and I ain't. And he's like 35. But other than that. Oh and he's blonde. And good looking, but anywho.

Oh fuck it. I'm going to bed.

Cool - anybody who can look like Spike (arguably the coolest man in the universe) rules :o)

yay, I rule.

I still like him, even though I found out he's a yank. Apparently he bases his accent on Giles' real accent (I forget the guys name, Somebody Stewart Head I think, coffee man :-)).

I knew he was a yank - there's something about his voice... Hell, I wish my British accent sounded like him... :o)


He is seriously the most kickass character on anything ever :o)

tell jen adios
have a good life
if u ever hurt her
ill kill u

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