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In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. Two of them escaped capture, however, and live their lives as Internet Annoyances. These men are David and James:

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Why do we do this shit still? I'm sitting here thinking what a waste it all is. Anyway, umm.. nice pic, a bit dark though..

ah see, this isn't the all you base thing really, that was just a useful catalyst, this is more based around the other thing :o)

Would you guys take offence if I put my head in my hands and sighed a lot?

Admit it, David + Me + Guns = Cool. We totally rock :o)

Actually you're reminding me of 'Boogie Nights' ... all you two need is bigger hair and a polyester wardrobe ... %-)

Please do not say "wardrobe" to David. It causes him trauma :o)

Savaged by a pair of hanging trousers as a wee lad, was he? %-)

No, just savaged by stories of my life he really shouldn't have had to hear ;o)

*tries to envision traumatic wardrobe stories*

Eek. 8-)

The poor, scarred lad :o)

Damaged for life! *sob*

sure go ahead, see the important fact is we amuse ourselves on so many levels :oP

Man, am I glad you said "amuse" rather than "entertain" ;o)

I quite sure you entertain yourselves too, but only on one level, and I'm thinking sub basement level.

Men and their toys huh? Big pair of kids, that's all you are.

:-( I wanna gun.

But I have a nerf bow and arrow so I'm happy :-)

i could make a comment along the lines of what big guns you boys have-but that would be juevenile and i am better than that, anyway i am still laughing

It's not the size of the gun that counts, but how many times you can shoot it in a night ;o)

*having horrible 1970's flashbacks to comments about 'I'm looking for a holster for my love gun'*

The next person that makes me think of ANYTHING 70's-related DIES, okay? ;-)

This from the lass with the illegal Adjective? You're lucky that you're still in a position to make such threats ;o)

I'm a girl and I have dimples. I can get away with anything. :-)


james you have no idea what you do to me...





Heh, I should pose with guns and David more.... :o)

Print that picture off and sned it to Ross' parents while he's at school ;-)


-The Contemplative Ross.

Hmm, Simon's right *buries head in hands* Ahhhh well, i'm off to change that tragic user pic..

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