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Holy sh*t...
Good lord... I've managed to post 21 posts (this is number 21 now) in the last 24 hours.... Anybody who doubts my Post Monkey status, please make yourselves known now, you are about to be proven wrong.

The thing is, am I talking shit? I think I must be - that's more than one post per hour.... Ridiculous! I can only assume that I'm talking nonsense the whole time, which doesn't please me much. That, and the fact that those of you with fewer than about 30 friends on your lists must be fed up with me taking up about half the space in any given day :o)

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I think it is never too many! I love reading your post because it is interesting to read your thoughts and things like that.
I don't think you are talking shit! :)
You are not on my friends list, (I would like to) I always goes to my brother's friends list to read yours and few others!

I think you shouldn't worry about other people if they would get fed up with your lots of posts, it is your live Journal!

post what you want, it's your journal...

seriously though if you have posted 21 posts i haven't noticed them, maybe some are protected?

hell, reading them keeps me occupied anyhow

Yeah....I can't add you to my friends list, as you would completely drown out the others! But you're on my brothers list so i just check his friends list. See? well time to sleep %)

I often wonder if that's why I don't have more people listing me as a friend. Then I realise that part of it is the sheer degree of crap I seem to write :o)

Can I add you to my friends list?

Sure, if you think your page can handle it ;o)

you are added! :)

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