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Just got off the phone from Dave, Adam and Kat. I think.... Hard to tell.... Adam sounds like a girl. You'd not expect it from somebody who looks like this:

But he does. Utter girl.... He screamed at me, so I asked Kat to slap him. Unless it was just Adam doing a Kat impression, on account of sounding so much like a girl ;o)

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He actually screamed "Boolean" down the phone at you in his Woman-voice : )

I'm trying to get a .wav file of him saying "Hello dear" in it so all LJ users may hear the freakishness of it : )

I do not sound like a girl, unless I am doing my Mrs Doubtfire voice as dave called it today

I couldn't tell what it was, being paralysed as I was by his girlie screaming :o)


Oh wow . .

How could *he* ever sound like a girl??

My my my . . . . :o)

Because he is so terrible feminine. Bloody wuss ;o)

(just kidding Adam, please don't kill me :o)

Awww . . but he's so adorable, James... you're so mean :oP

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