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And as my eyes are slowly closing on me....
Right, I think I should go to bed now. If you come online tonight, then I'm sorry that I missed you. Heck, I'm sorry that I missed you regardless. I love you. G'night :o)

And, um, for the rest of you - yeah, uh, bye, and stuff... :o)

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alfie is a cute 'puddy tat', hahahaha...I am home on tuesday evening!!! Raaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! I'll come and see you at one point. In the afternoon, before you log on and after you have woken about 5 then!!!! Later, luv Becca xxx

Um, I go online when I wake up... Sorry, you can't visit, evidently :o)

Tough shit...I'll just talk to your mum then!

No change there then. I'll go talk to your sister while you do that ;o)

See if I care...I know you wont do a thing!!!!

Ha, that's what you think. I expect both of us have embarassing stories about you that the other doesn't know.... :o)

U claim to have seen my ass how more embarressing do you want???

Well, we shall see, won't we.... Face it, after Charlotte and I have our little chat, we'll both know all the embarassing stuff about you ;o)

You both know Nothing...NOTHING I tell you!!!!

We shall see, won't we.

If nothing else, she can give me all sorts of secrets about your (male) friends ;o)

Humph...she knows nothing...she refuses to know more probably!!!! Hell you are like my brother as your mum said!

Yes, but perhaps she knows things from her own... uh... personal experience ;o)

And yes, I am like your brother. Depressing, isn't it :o(

Noooo, I like you in a brother capacitiy, I think it sums us up I get to kick u shitless with a reason!!!

As for char's personal experiences I don't want to go comment on my journal damn you...and say hi to your 'rents for me please!

You get to kick me shitless? Let's just review how life actually works here... I kick your ass Becca, and you know it. Should I wish to do so, I could lift you up, over my head, and throw you :o)

Anyhow, greetings have been extended to my parents for you :o)

Cheers xxx. humph I could bit your ankles!?!?! Do you rememeber Tim Morrison?

Name rings a bell. Who is/was he?

Well he was gorgous And I fancied him thru year 7 all of year 7...ummmmmmm :-)

Blah.... In that case, I expect you went on about him to me all the time....


Ah, to be 11 again :o)

I don't think I ever did the whole mad crush thing back at school in the same way you did.... Going on and on about people I never spoke to. Well, aside from your sister, but.... well... Blah :o)

Cheeky git...but probably true..hell didn't you hold a touch for some ALL thru. school, she is vvvv attractive (still) but just petit!

It is true... All through year 9, I recall.... Heh, pissed you off something rotten.

As for a short stumpy girl I apparently held a torch for, I don't recall one. I occasionally went through moments of insanity, true, but I got over those pretty quickly :o)

Ok the 1st girl you mention is Lor Thomas, right?
And the other... well, lets just say she was right, heh My little Bestest (one of) Friend.

Um, no, first girl mentioned was your sister. Year 9 was when I was nutso about her.

As to the other - blah :o)'ve always liked young girls...can we chat about this like on my journal...its just beoming a right ass to get here to repley..i know I don't havr too but I can't do it the other way!

I object most strongly to you saying that I always liked young girls. You know damn well that so far, most of the girls I've been with have been my age, with one a year older, one a year younger, and one three years younger. This hardly suggests that I like young girls. It's stupid to categorise like that anyway, the age simply isn't a factor. But, if that is the topic, let's see.... Paul Robinson, Matt the Canadian, Mr Howard, Mr Parshall, many many older men in your little fantasies ;o)

Feel free to move this over to your journal if you want :o)

i wanted to come back, but my dad was playing flight simulator 2000 for hours and hours :(

i'm sorry i wasn't here

i love you too :)

Aww.... Not to worry :o)

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