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What a difference a door makes...
Normally at night, once everybody is in bed, the study door is closed, so I can get naked for my webcam so I don't wake my family. However, today the door is open. And I have somebody monitoring my activity. It was this individual:

Further investigation revealed it to be Alfred the Cat, feline, female, a few years old, and my mortal enemy!

See, me and her fight lots. But it's play fighting, and I know this, because she sleeps on my bed when I'm home, and loves me.... Anyhow, I turned around, and saw the following:

Yup, Alfred had come to see me, and was sat just outside the room on a desk chair. Above is the view from the top of my monitor. Below is a zoomed in version of that:

See, she loves me.... She just wants attention, and came to watch me :o)

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mine's cuter in an evil and fat sort of way :)

Aww.... Looks kinda... demonic. Wish Alfred looked more demonic, you can't really get into good fights with something which, ultimately, is just a big ball of fuzzy cuddly stuff :o)

You want demonic? Have a look at this; this is my mom's cat (12 years or so ago):

He's much bigger and older now, but that's cute :>

looks like darth vader it does.

you know alfred is a boys name?

Ok, I'll bite. Why is your car called Alfred if it's female?

I wish I had a webcam to take a pic of my fat cat lolling on my bed. I think he's posing. Not sure what for, he's aimed at the fire. I think it's just general indiscrimante feline posing. Egomaniacs.

Just wish he wouldn't snore so loud.

Well... Her real name is Alfreda, Alfie for short. I call her Alfred, because I think it probably pisses her off :o)

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww............ *melt*

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