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Bah.... Stupid man...
Yes, I refer of course to Jamie Oliver. Blah, hate him.

Ah, that's funny.... Thanks to David Lees for that :o)

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but his cooking programs have helped out many a "i have only these ingredients and i wanna cook something other than beans on toast" cos it gives u something to do other than go to the pub =)
trust me
his fryup omelette was a godsend =)

I've been cooking so badly for sooooo long that you would expect him to jump thru. my window and 'sort me out' (modest, blushing cough)!!!;-)

He'll come through that window and say
"There's nothing I can do here - this girl is just too bad at cooking"
And quickly end your suffering with a kebab skewer thingie :o)

First big laugh of the day, thanks :)

Oi, I havent made you laugh...whats the point???

I know what else I'd prefer himto use to bring me to death but hell its not a kebab thing!!! I am not that bad at cooking!

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