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New Userpic
The problem, of course, is that every time I say "New Userpic", the post is obsoleted by the next time I do it, where I inevitably change my default... Annoying, huh....

Anyway, so yes, new userpic. Opinions?

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Instead, then, change the default userpic but select it as your pic to post as. Then, when you come to change the default one it won't matter, since you specifed this one by name.

Tsk, and I thought you were clever. :0)

I did for this one already (one step ahead of you :o), but the others, it's too late for.

You look more threatening now...


As menacing as this man?

I think not.

Getting their, if you took your hand off your chin and made a fist you may look as hard as him...
Who is that by the way? It reminds me of the infamous passport shot of richard pyke...

I may ball up a fist and gesture angrily at the camera later....

That's The Formidable Adam - one of the Adjective Army.

Won't your eyes fall out if you let go of your head? Maybe you should prop your chin on something...

Adam? *cowers*

You look ginger...

*uploads the webcam pic of Ed looking stupid earlier*

You look funny! Where did all your hair go?!

It was too long. It had to go away.

It was not :)

(But then, you're talking to someone who has very long hair :P)

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