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Well well well
In my infinite wisdom, I run ICQ on invisible mode. Only real way to do it all .Anyhow, I saw Karen ( i.e. year ago today girl) online, so I dropped down to "Online" mode to spea, to her, whereupon she siudenlu went offline. Now if this doesn't class her under "biych", I don';t know ahtt does/. She couldat least talk to me on our damned anniversary for God'sa sake. Tjhat's just sillu....

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you KNOW she's not the same person anymore, your Karen wouldn't have done this, she's changed, for this I am really sorry but...... just remember you DO have work tomorrow

webley its only archers, womens drink and all. So stop acting up like a child.

Whichever one of the two morons you are, fuck you


Screw you Byers ;o)

Thank you for that piece of very constructive criticism. I will go follow your advise right away. Although, I suspect it would be easier to do so with the help of a "Biych"....

A "biych" is basically another word for "Byers"

Even when a little typsy your spelling is some what considerably better than Mallen's.

Ran out of things to say, Mr Cross, over-and-out.

Well I should hope so! Anyhow, the above was very poorly done, but the alcohol has been wearing off, and now I can type almost normally again. Yay... :o)

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