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As promised....
A blurred picture of my new haircut, and also, of my beautiful guitar.... I'll get a better picture when it gets darker outside - I face the window here, and it totally messes up the picture, because my entire face goes competely white, so... :o)

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I thinkk you look nice...maybe even ...goodlooking????? but maybe not!!! I am home on tues!!! No lectures on Weds. Speak ot you soon.

The day I start looking attractive in your eyes is the day I kill myself - remember, I know the people you've liked in the past, and am not impressed... Let's see, Mark, Craig Harding, Lee Harding, Mark Robinson's Brother (I forget his name right now, was it Paul?).... Ugh.... Let me perish before I join their ranks, please :o)

Mark and paul were good looking...hardings we'll go with 'I was young'. urgh...i feel ill now...

Heh... Paul was not.... You were young then, too. And come on - Mark?!! He's just... yuck.... :o)

please I am getting to the point where I randomly Am nasty about mark for no reason...I don't wantto think about him... mjy life is goign well right now. Thank you.

He deserves it for being a shit.

But we shan't speak of him any more :o)

More importantly, who is that in the background?

Give the girl a banana, she's absolutely right :o)

But I don't even know her.

In the words of Monty Python...
You lucky bastard!

Hurt...vvvv hurt. I am your saviour , errr.

'e's not the messiah, 'e's a very naughty boy


Now go away!
Go on get out've it!

I want that banana and I want it NOW!!!

I'm terribly sorry, but I'm engaged to be married.

Shit!!! Well at least someone has found that person....humph!! actually I like bananas esp banana yogurts!

very nice cut... you do look cute! and i'm lovin the pose with the guitar too! like a sexy!
Kat :)

Utterly babelike. Nice move. 8-)

whatever you say that is not a nice guitar. Get a cool axe. What is it anyway?

*turns around and looks fondly at messed-up 68 fender jaguar*

whatever :-)

Yamaha Pacifica... Anyhow, it'll do for now - I'm hardly a master on it yet, and until such time, I don't need a better one :o)

true....i played a fender japan strat (before squier) for the first 5 years. I think I got it in 93 or 94....It was an easy-played guitar. Low action etc....The jaguar is heaps harder to play (doesn't help using 011 strings either) but after some time you might wanna check out an instrument with more "resistance", one that you really have to work on. When i play my old guitars now they just feel really weird. Like nothing in my hands....enough of this...gotta hit the town :-)


i want to feel your hair :)

you're beautiful, you know

and did i mention sexy...?

It's all short and spiky. Not hard spiky, soft spiky... I love it like this :o)

Mind you, don't take my word for it - come over here and see for yourself ;o)

And when it comes to beautiful and sexy, I shall bow down to your superior experience of those things, and not argue with you this time ;o)

(Deleted comment)
Yamaha Pacifica

And I know where I want my hair to get to - I always cut it this short every 4-6 months or so, and then wait for it to grow to the right length. Then I try to keep it there for as long as possible :o)

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