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What a day... Well, I've finally succumbed to my bad mood. Fed up with everything... I didn't have much money today, and didn't bother going out to lunch, so my stomach is currently empty. Oh well.... Sorted out my pay, so now I know that I'm certainly getting £225 per week - this is good. I've already earned enough to pay my parents back all the money I owe them, which is also great.

Anyhow, there's a new employee at work. And she's, like, not a guy (as the feminine pronoun would denote). About my age too.... Oh well. I don't think I'm her type, even if I did like her... Anyhow, on the subject of girls, I've decided to give up on Jo... After two failed long distance whatnots, I'm not going to get myself too involved in a third. I may be stupid, but I'm not three times stupid... Well, not last time I checked, but ask me again in a year.

Anyhow, people who know me know what this week is, and people who don't, probably don't. Anyhow, basically, today is the first anniversary of me ever being properly happy. And, obviously, since that happiness was snatched away, this week makes me a little cranky. Right now I'm going through a lovely maelstrom of weird emotions, and the end product is that I'm probably not stable right now. I've decided that I'm not in a good mood with her. She really doesn't know what I gave up for her... I worked for two damned weeks non stop (like, including weekends) last summer just to go over there, I cancelled a plane ticket back to spend more time with her, and I secretly slipped £40 into her pocket when she lost her own money. When she found it, she just assumed she'd put it in there. I ended up coming back in debt, and had to work another week just to break even. Now I'm not saying I wanted her to be nicer or anything, but some acknowledgement that I really did make the effort would be nice... Oh well, it's all very much in the past, but still ticks me off.

Right now, I really am not in a happy mood. And since I'm not yet online (not properly, at any rate), I think I'll go drink something (on my empty stomach - ugh) before David can deny me permission....


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