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I'm off to have a shower. When I return, expect any updates I make to be both soapy and wet. If I swallow enough shampoo, I may also start burping bubbles. This will be reflected either by how I type, or indeed by a new userpic. I am undecided. Talk amongst yourself while I'm gone, and decide for me, eh?

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And what if we refuse?

*changes Syrius' gal pic to some pr0n and gets him kicked off PA*

You can't.

Not only can you not get to my account, you cant even get into FFS!! anymore.

i love that song. that is all

Hey! james, i wound up on your live journal somehow... although i'm not exactly sure how but very cute... insightful... nice pic too! cute about the bubbles! just thought i'd say hi! and i must say you listen to good music too... good taste!
kat :))

Why thank you :o)

No prob... i'm trying to be all cheery to anyone i meet right now because i've had a rough past couple of months and thought maybe if i'm nice as i usually am to everyone that they will return the favor... if you ever want to chat on AIM.. my sn is GirlieGirlStar... but again... cute pic and i enjoyed reading your journal...

Yeah..I like reading your journals too!
It is good :)

Why thank you...


You're Tony's sister, right?

Yeah, I' do u know? hehe

I know all :o)

Have you got the all knowing orb then? :)

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