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Hell yeah...
I'm back. That's right, I'm happy, and I rule. I think of everything that was wrong, the biggest problem was my Programming assignment. I literally couldn't do it, and that was depressing me, partly because I have to do it to pass, and partly because it destroys my confidence in myself. However, I just took a few minutes (read 5 hours) out of my day to do it, and it's now completely done. Therefore, I am happy, not to mention invulnerable again :o)

Ha, if you all could see me now, you'd see how f'ing cool I'm feeling suddenly :o)

Anyhow, I feel I have to apologise to you, for going all intense and stupid. It won't be happening again. Talking to me ought to be fun, not a depressing chore, so, like, that's how I'm going to make it now :o)

Woo, I rule :o)

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*stands up and gives James a round of applause*


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