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Well, I'm awake. By a scary coincidence, I got up, went over to the computer, and my playlist was 10 seconds from the end. This is a playlist approximately 7:14:13 long or something, and it was right at the end when I woke up. I dunno, just seems a bit odd that I would turn it on exactly that amount of time before waking up... Anyhow

So I'm up now, and still groggy. Another day at work, another tiring boring day, and another £45 to be earned (woohoo). I'm getting my salary and pay sorted this week - if it's monthly, I get a nice check for about £1000 at the end of this month. If it's being done weekly, then I get a check for £360 on Friday. Either way, I win - that's the joy of work. Anyhow, tomorrow I go for a meal at my grandparents', and then the day after that, I can think "Family are home tomorrow". Therefore, tonight is my last night of true freedom, because Thursday will be a mad scramble to clean everything previously uncleaned....

Anyway, since I shall be leaving to catch my bus at about 7:40am (I will catch the bastard if I have to chase after it firing automatic weapons everywhere), I ought to eat something.... I've checked all the journals updated since I went to bed, and would check webcams were it not for the fact that most UKers will be, like, in bed.... Oh well, have fun in my absence everybody :o)

Oh, by the way, check out this link for a laugh... Either a friend taking the piss, or an extremely foolish person who fortunately lives within conversion distance ;o)

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Helpful hint from Mr Byers

Turn your computer off when going to bed. This way you may be able to avoid unfortunate incidents such as spontaneous combustion due to massive over-heating.

It happened to me wasn't fun...well actually it _was_ kinda fun to watch to begin with, but that's not really the point.

Re: Helpful hint from Mr Byers

You probably didn't have enough heatsinks and fans in your system. I know I don't. Over the past few months, the voltage levels displayed in my CMOS have been gradually drifting off, and the temperature has been going up. Probably because I run my system up to 30 hours straight without a reboot, and only then because it slows down to a crawl or crashes. .-)

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