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Not happy
Problems with everything right now. I'm beginning, once more, to lose sight of what the point to the whole thing is.

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I am sure your "friend" will make you smile at some point. :-)

And I approve. Should you need it.

Not tonight - I'm going to bed in a minute, and I doubt she'll be on in time. I hate going to bed miserable.

The point is happiness I think....the bit between birth and the happiness, now that could be a bit of a bugger : (

I would love to give an inspiring and totally useful comment now. But I don't have one.

As soon as I find one I'll let you know ;-)

Knock Knock!
Whos there?

I'm not falling for that Who's Who? joke again.

Cheer up! It might never happen, and if it *has* happened, invent a brain wiping machine and cheer up! It might never happen.

This is the point where I usually come in and write all sorts of inspireing things and analyses of life and stuf.

However, this service has been classified. Do you have security clearance? I think not. :Þ

I am home soon! ( watch him run for cover!!)
And then you will wonder what the point of it all is! Take care, my little possum Bex xxx

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